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Summer Brainteaser

HomeSage has created this challenging summer brainteaser, Can you spot the 5 heating issues? On average in the time it took people to spot the 5 issues, 136 summer holidays will be booked in the UK!

As lockdown restrictions are being gradually eased and people start feeling safe leaving their houses, boiler comparison service provider HomeSage has created a tricky summer brainteaser to celebrate the country getting back to normal and educate people about household issues they might experience if they are not careful.

Excited crowds started rushing to pubs, having picnics in their local parks and flocking to beaches. To ensure the safety of their houses while they are away, homeowners need to spot all the 5 issues before they leave the house and fix them.

The brainteaser has already managed to stump several HomeSage employees who have tried to spot the 5 issues. On average, it took them 1 minute and 44 seconds to solve the brainteaser. In...

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