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The UK’s Kinks Revealed

Honour Clothing is one of the largest retailers of fetishwear and kink related accessories in the world. A study was conducted on a sample of 100,000 searches on This reveals some interesting kink related facts.

Interesting Facts:
The UK’s kinkiest ages are between 25-34 and closely followed by 45-54.
65+ presented a considerable amount of active users with over 10% of searches.

By region, Scotland was proportionately the most kinky area in the United Kingdom.

Top 10 Kinkiest Cities in the UK and their Favourite Kink (based on number of searches)
London- Latex Stockings
Birmingham- Gloves
Manchester- Catsuit
Glasgow- Latex Gloves
Bristol- Cock Ring
Leeds- Hat
Liverpool- Strap on Harness
Edinburgh- Mask
Nottingham- Harness
Sheffield- Nurse Outfit

Kinkiest Towns in the UK and their Kink: (based on number of searches)
Congleton (Cheshire)- Latex Knickers
Ellesmere Port (Cheshire)- Maids Costume
Hemel Hempstead (Hertfordshire)- High Waisted Latex
Llanelli (Wales)- Chastity
Carrickfergus (Northern Ireland)- Collars with Rings

The UK population has a diverse range of kinks. Collars, latex, chastity and harnesses are popular throughout the country. However the number of kinks with significant search traffic are extremely diverse from fantasy outfits, collars and cuffs, cock rings, whips and more! All age groups show a significant interest also. It seems that the UK is full of kinksters who want to try anything and everything!

Honour Clothing aims to expand its content program to help individuals know that their fantasies are okay and provide information around the products to help people fulfil them.

Mandy Taylor, director at Honour Clothing stated ‘we’re fascinated by how people's minds work and what turns them on. Our main goal here (at Honour Clothing) is to allow people to live their fantasies’

About Honour Clothing:
Honour Clothing aims to promote sexuality and individuality throughout what it does. Established in 1988, it is a leading global supplier and designer of fetish fashions,toys and accessories. Being one of the first specialist websites in the 90s, its reputation of excellent customer service was brought online. Honour Clothing continues to grow launching new international sites and brands. It regularly consults the community and focuses on trying to make kink more acceptable in a stylish way. Honour Clothing now works with world-renowned designers, magazines and models, and interacts with the fetish community by holding events and BDSM workshops

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