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Honour Clothing is one of the largest retailers of fetishwear and kink related accessories in the world. A study was conducted on a sample of 100,000 searches on This reveals some interesting kink related facts.

Interesting Facts:
The UK’s kinkiest ages are between 25-34 and closely followed by 45-54.
65+ presented a considerable amount of active users with over 10% of searches.

By region, Scotland was proportionately the most kinky area in the United Kingdom.

Top 10 Kinkiest Cities in the UK and their Favourite Kink (based on number of searches)
London- Latex Stockings
Birmingham- Gloves
Manchester- Catsuit
Glasgow- Latex Gloves
Bristol- Cock Ring
Leeds- Hat
Liverpool- Strap on Harness
Edinburgh- Mask
Nottingham- Harness
Sheffield- Nurse Outfit

Kinkiest Towns in the UK and their Kink: (based on number of...

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