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Bring the great outdoors into any urban space and let watering take care of itself with a super-stylish range of state-of-the-art planters

New PILA range from LECHUZA

Re-Green your Life with LECHUZA

Bring the great outdoors into any urban space and let watering take care of itself with a
super-stylish range of state-of-the-art planters

From the historic manufacturer of Playmobil toys and new to the UK market in 2021, is multi award-winning German brand, LECHUZA, a company with 140 years’ family heritage and a reach spanning 70 countries worldwide*.

With more people than ever working from home and longing to establish a healthy green oasis in their urban spaces, the multi award-winning collection of planters from LECHUZA offers the perfect blend of innovative functionality and trend-focused design.

Central to LECHUZA’s flagship offering in this sector is an innovative self-watering system which ensures optimum water supply to any kind of cultivated plant, from large decorative houseplants and fruit trees through to organic vegetables and exotic flowers. The water reservoir is hidden in the underside of each planter and can hold up to 26 litres, depending on the model, allowing plants to take up the exact amount of moisture and nutrients they need.

You never need to worry about leaving thirsty plants untended while you take a weekend break, or filling up watering cans after a hectic day, just sit back and relax in your lush green haven and let LECHUZA do the work for you. Repotting is also made as easy as possible with removable liners which have a built-in water supply incorporated into every planter in the range.

Models in the collection range from ultra-modern surface design in high-gloss and matte finishing across to natural stone effects, woven satin and lightweight, wicker-like materials, designed to suit your style and built to withstand the weather.

The brand-new PILA range (RRP GBP 28.99 – £58.99) is a modern combination of stylish planters and tidy storage modules, ideal for those who want to re-green and refresh home interiors where space might be limited.

Versatile enough to enhance any living space, from the kitchen or home office through to roof terraces or gardens, PILA’s flexible modular design is not simply strong on aesthetics, but ideal for low-maintenance grow-your-own solutions, indoors or outdoors. The flexible storage module complements the product range with a practical solution that offers enough space for accessories and protects against moisture.

Pretty combinations of delicate daisies and bee-friendly lavender are ideal for the classic BALCONERA planters (from RRP GBP 26.99), while the high plant column CUBICO (from RRP GBP 26.99) puts spectacular floral arrangements on an eye-catching pedestal. NIDO hanging baskets (RRP GBP 26.99) are perfect for romantic trailing flowers herb tendrils, just as larger planters like CUBE (RRP GBP 11.99 - £139.99) or TRIO (from RRP GBP 130.99) are ideal for small fruit trees or tomato plants.

Orchid lovers will be pleased to learn that LECHUZA also offers a specialist orchid planter. As any orchid enthusiast will know, the success of growing these stunning plants requires mastering a fine balancing act between water, light and air. The ORCHIDEA from LECHUZA has been specially developed to provide everything the plant needs, including an irrigation system adapted to the needs of orchids, whilst the semi-transparent, removeable plant insert provides the roots with sufficient light. The addition of LECHUZA’s orchid substrate ‘Orchipon’ provides the plant with a balanced supply of water, air, vital nutrition and a constant pH value to ensure that everyone can become an orchid expert! ORCHIDEA is available in white, scarlet red and slate grey, and priced at just RRP GBP 17.99.

With more than 300 designs to choose from and several new launches a year, the range includes a broad variety of planters to suit any indoor environment, roof terrace, balcony or garden, in stylish, trend-driven colourways** designed to enhance and harmonise with high-end home interiors.

You can even create a breath-taking green wall in any room of the house with LECHUZA's Green Wall Home kit, which not only functions as a living work of art but will help purify the air while its relaxing your mind.

Along with extensive collections for private homes, LECHUZA also serves an exclusive interior design and professional landscaping clientele and offers product lines ideal for the luxury gastronomy and hotel sectors.

LECHUZA brings decades of experience in state-of-the-art, precision manufacturing to bear on its stylish high-functionality range of planters. All LECHUZA products are designed in-house and manufactured in Dietenhofen, Germany, from high-quality, robust polypropylene, which is weatherproof and frostproof. All LECHUZA planters and furniture are DIN EN ISO certified (Energy Management System 50001 and Enviornmental Management System ISO 14001) and can be fully recycled.

LECHUZA planters come in a variety of colours and shapes and are highly reliable - both indoors and outdoors. The integrated soil irrigation system ensures that the plant receives the perfect amount of water for optimal growth. Thanks to a reservoir that always holds enough water and is controlled by a water level indicator, dried out or overwatered root bales are a thing of the past.

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*Countries include the USA, Canada, Mexico, Benelux, Iberica, Greece and Poland.

**Colours range from light grey, slate and sand brown tones to vivid coral red, calming green and petrol blue.


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Notes to editors
- LECHUZA planters are fully recyclable
- All LECHUZA planter liners are made from 100% recycled* material
- LECHUZA processes 990 tonnes of recycled* plastic each year
- LECHUZA reuses 100% of plastic waste in production
- As part of LECHUZA’s sustainability efforts, over 70% of the water used in production comes from cisterns.
- LECHUZA is a multi-award winning brand including the 2019 Design Award, Reddot Award winners 2018 and German Design Award winner 2019.

* post-industrial material