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Hallmark greetings card

Iconic greetings card company Hallmark has launched an innovative range of personalised video cards, allowing customers to create memories that last a lifetime. As part of its ambition to create ‘cards for keeps’, Hallmark’s new video greetings cards allow you to send a heartfelt message via video and send directly to the recipient wherever they are in the world. Simply scan the QR code inside the card and add your video message. You can even share with friends and family to add their messages too.

As well as offering an exciting new way to keep people connected – something that has become more important than ever in the current climate – Hallmark’s range offers a new way to send greetings cards, positioning them as the next generation of greetings cards that will be treasured for years to come.

How Hallmark’s Video Greetings Cards work:

Choosing a special card ideal for the recipient, the sender scans the QR code inside the card, with...

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