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9 Fun (Virtual) Ideas To Start Feeling Festive

Determined to make the most of the festive season? Get inspired by these 9 fun virtual activities from that you can do to celebrate Christmas together – from a distance!

1. Play games online
Board games and Christmas go hand in hand, but it’s hard playing a game socially distanced- so why not do it virtually? Just pick a time and play together on Board Game Arena. Just promise not to sulk if you lose!

2. Online festive pub quiz
Simply choose a quizmaster and decide on a subject. The quizmaster can make the questions beforehand or choose from pre-made quizzes via Kahoot so the host can participate too. Schedule a time, share the Kahoot code and have get cracking.

3. Netflix Party
Is it even Christmas, if you don’t binge watch Christmas movies? It’s not as much fun on your own, so you can do it remotely! With Teleparty (the new name for Netflix party) you need never watch Elf by yourself again.

4. Decorate your desk
If you are working from home, decorating your desk is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. It will certainly make video calls that bit more interesting to see who’s made the most effort.

5. Send goodie/ snack boxes
Christmas is all about sharing and celebrating together. So why not make a goodie box filled with the favourite snacks of your friends and families and surprise them by posting this to them.

6. Christmas jumper day
Grab your favourite Christmas jumper to make virtual celebrations more fun! Why not have a competition to find the ugliest Christmas jumper with the winner receiving a prize!

7. Virtual festive Bingo
Nothing beats a good old game of Bingo. It is also a game that is easy to play virtually. Think about some prizes for the winners, and get your eyes down, with a free virtual Bingo website such as My Free Bingo Cards.

8. Christmas Song Charades
You don’t have to wait until after the Christmas lunch to play festive charades. Simply agree on the rules and use Christmas as a theme! Anything festive goes, films, songs or books – the list is endless.

9. Secret Santa
Virtual or not, the Christmas season isn’t complete without a Secret Santa. With Secret Santa Generator you can easily set up a group and draw names. You have the option to enter your address and with the gift finder, it is easy to send the desired gift without leaving your house.

Then just pop on your Christmas jumper, grab your snacks, show off your decorated desk and watch each other unwrap their gifts via Facebook, Zoom or Skype, followed by a festive movie!

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