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Trap or repel – the end of the Scottish midge problem?

Few people living or visiting north of the border will need reminding of Scotland’s summer midge problem: it ruins holidays, keeps folk indoors even when the weather is good, and has a negative bearing on the Scottish economy. No end of products have been launched in the past to combat the problem, such as sprays, lotions, nets that cover your head, and candles which give off an awful smell. Some of these things have limited success, with others apparently not working at all.

But now one company, Procter Pest-Stop, thinks it has a solution – or actually ‘solutions’. Andy Simmons, director of Procter Pest-Stop, takes up the story: “We approached the whole midge problem from two different angles as it seemed to us that one solution could never fit all situations – for example for people out and about fishing, shooting and camping etc., to others wanting to relax in their own garden or enjoy a game of...

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