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A new EU poll for the Netherlands shows 56% would prefer an option to leave the EU, and 44% to remain in the EU. This compares to an IPSOS poll last year showing 64% preferred to remain in the EU. A big change - helped by offering people 3 choices, EU, EFTA and FTA, with results:

39% = EU/Single Market
23% = EFTA/Single Market (European Free Trade Association)
27% = FTA (Free Trade Agreement, with immigration control)
11% = Don't Know

Without Don't Knows:
56% = Nexit (EFTA+FTA)
44% = EU

1,174 people were polled over 14-15/2/17, by the Maurice de Hond polling company.

The poll shows that a majority of Dutch voters would prefer more self-government and are open to different options. For the Nexit supporters, this may mean looking at the EFTA option, with perhaps offering a phased approach to controlling immigration, e.g. 1 year working visas for any new Eastern European immigrants, with a...

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