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Every woman should have the power to make decisions about her personal beauty regime that are right for her. Laser Medicine London presents a safe and effective alternative solution for the ageing process in relation to facial aesthetics (i.e skin tone, skin elasticity, collagen, wrinkles and eyes etc.) different to mainstream services offered by the pharmaceutical / medical industry.

It is no secret that as a woman enters her ’20s the speed at which new cells reach the skin’s surface slows down. As a result the skin starts to show signs of ageing, generally reflected in the complexion and the appearance of wrinkles. Eventually, the speed at which skin cells are replaced with new ones, added with a degeneration in facial muscles, can lead to skin sagging, particularly around the eyes and neck. The pharmaceutical industry has gone to great lengths to address these issues by harnessing the power of chemicals, which either dissolve the skin (glycolic peels) to promote...

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