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Independent ISP IDNet has launched a new broadband offering for the online gaming community.

The IDNet network is particularly suited for online gaming because it combines low latency, fast pings, a static IP address and plenty of undersubscribed bandwidth to ensure a fast stable connection – the perfect conditions for competitive online gaming.

Director Tim Davies says “Our aim is to give pro-gamers an edge over their opponents. Anyone serious about gaming will know there’s nothing more frustrating than being outfought or outmanoeuvred just because your internet connection is laggy or becomes slow at peak times. For customers choosing this package, we’ll ensure traffic priority 24/7 so that your gaming data jumps to the front of the queue at the exchange…”

Tim continues “We know that when gamers worry about maxing out their download allowance, it can spoil the whole gaming experience. So we’ve included truly unlimited downloads as...

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