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Beer brand goes viral on TikTok by testing whether you can get drunk off bread.

Video puts bread to the test vs. low-alcohol beer in its ability to get you drunk.

- A beer brand has gone viral by attempting to see if you can get drunk off bread.
- The video has since garnered upwards of 7 million views across social media by revealing that everyday food items contain up to 1.5% ABV.
- The video is a response to a viral comment made by Peter Jones’ on the BBC hit show Dragons Den about 0.5% beer not being non-alcoholic.

A beer brand has gone viral on social media after revealing that bread often contains up to 1.5% ABV.

The video features an employee testing the hypothesis that bread can get you drunk - as it can purportedly contain up to three times more alcohol than a standard low alcohol (0.5% ABV) beer.

“This is 400 slices of bread. This is a breathalyser. And today we’re going to see if we can get drunk off bread” says the narrator of the video, which has already garnered upwards of 7 million views across social media within the first few days of posting, and 4.2 million views on TikTok alone.

The beer brand appeared on Dragons Den in 2022, with Peter Jones questioning whether a 0.5% beer is non-alcoholic, as it is ‘10% of a strong beer’ according to the Dragon.

This is a common question amongst consumers, especially in light of the rapid growth of the low & no-alcohol market in the UK. The UK government has recently started a public consultation regarding no & low-alcohol descriptors and whether 0.5% ABV counts as alcohol-free.

The narrator follows the logic of the Dragon; that consuming 100 slices of bread (which is 1.5% ABV and therefore presumably 30% of a strong beer) will be enough to raise their blood alcohol level within an hour.

Viewers have been surprised to learn that alcohol can be found in everyday food including bread and fruit juice, but the video challenges the concept that these low-alcohol containing products are able to get you drunk.

The video concludes that even though bread has a higher ABV than low-alcohol beer, one would have to eat over 7000 slices, totaling 90,000 calories to feel the effects of alcohol. It follows that an even higher volume of low-alcohol beer would be needed to get drunk, more than is humanly possible to consume.

The video has been posted by IMPOSSIBREW, a category-challenging alcohol-free beer startup that aims to offer a no-compromise alternative to alcohol by providing a relaxing drinking sensation using plants and nootropics.


Note to editor:
IMPOSSIBREW® is an alcohol-free beer brand started in 2022. The brand is on a mission to
create a game-changing alternative to traditional beer.

The brand offers 0.5% ABV lager and pale ale, which are infused with the brand's groundbreaking Social Blend™ - a mix of plants, vitamins, and minerals aiming to promote relaxation, sociability, and improved sleep quality.

IMPOSSIBREW’s social blend was developed with bioscientist Dr. Paul Chazot of Durham University, professor at the department of Biosciences, and Chair of Pharmacology.

The brand has recently been awarded Great Taste Awards for both their lager and pale ale, as well as both products being country winners of the UK, in the World Beer Awards.

IMPOSSIBREW is available to buy through their website

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