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INTEMOS Digital SLR camera sensor cleaning kits DSLRClean™ are now the lowest priced sensor cleaning kits on the market. Following extensive development, INTEMOS have been able to reduce manufacturing costs and have passed the savings onto their customers.

The INTEMOS DSLRClean™ kit contains 10 DSLRClean™ swabs as well as a 10ml bottle of the travel safe IOptic™ liquid for just £9.95.

“For too long, sensor dust removal has been an expensive extra that all digital SLR camera owners have had to endure.” Said INTEMOS managing director Andrew Stagg.

“We have re-developed our popular DSLRClean™ system enabling us to reduce the costs significantly. Now you can purchase a complete kit for just £9.95.

“Dust has always been an issue with any photographic system, whether on lenses or slide negatives or in the camera chamber. Even with the advent of in-camera cleaning...

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