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Fear. It’s a funny thing. Choosing the love of your life: favourite team or (fairy-tale) date. Whose side are you on?

White Hart Down is the new sports biography by Ian Cooper about acceptance of the past, letting go, mental health and disability.

We meet people in life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. They all teach us something, give us something. We don’t know when they will come or when they will leave; we fight to hold on, we fight to let go. The big question is figuring out ‘Why?’ White Hart Down is a memoir that asks you to pick a side in a quest for answers.

Ian Cooper was never late to a tackle on the field; who is the mystery lady that finally gets him to the ball off of it?

His story starts with an ambulance trip near a league football stadium and ends with the 2019 Champions League Final. In between, a lot of walls are built and a lot of promises are made. Some are easy to keep; others not that...

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