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If businesses accept the “gospel of web services” and start trading on the Internet, they could be leaving themselves wide open to criminals, according to a senior independent consultant. Tom Welsh, (1) Senior Consultant at Cutter Consortium, will warn delegates at the Softworld Business Integration Expo in September (2) that criminals could make millions by subverting the computers of banks and other large companies.

“Software security in general is chronically neglected” comments Welsh. “For the very good reason that it militates against everything we like to have - low cost, ease of use, fast responses, simplicity. But it often doesn’t matter very much, because attacks are actually quite rare and losses fairly slight. However, when web services allow companies to open up from the inside out, criminals are not going to give warning of their intent, by defacing websites or any of the other silly tricks that amateurs indulge in.”

“It is essential that...

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