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In-Scribe Literary Consultancy is proud to announce that client RR Haywood’s zombie series ‘The Undead’ has reached the Top Ten in an Amazon Kindle chart.

The UK based writer only started writing last year but his books are selling worldwide and now have a cult following. RR Haywood’s books in this series feature a likable modern-day hero who attempts to save the world from a rogue zombie strain that is decimating all those who come into contact with it.

Talks are under way from major book publishers and a film version is even being spoken of.


"This is a whip-cracking, adrenaline fuelled doozy of a book!"
"As close to a UK novel version competitor for "The Walking Dead" novels as you're likely to find"
“I would love to see a movie made out of it”
“The whole group is just one big zombie killing machine, with almost no break in the action.”

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