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Average annual claims for self-employed individuals are over £4,500

Surrey, UK – 29th Jan 2018: IN-SYNC Group.

Go back a decade or two and tracking your business mileage meant keeping shoeboxes brimming with receipts, scraps of paper and scribbled notes – all of which would be strewn across the living room floor when tax season came along. Thankfully, times...and technology have changed and claiming your business mileage is easier than ever with the right tools in place.

It goes without saying that in order to go self-employed successfully, you'll need to work incredibly hard. Throw in a dash of good luck and a good measure of business savvy, and you'll be see the pounds pouring in. But what does business-savvy actually look like? It means working smart to maximise every penny you earn by harnessing all of the tax advantages at your fingertips. This is because HMRC allows you offset some of your business costs each tax year, so long as...

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