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iina Messer Health and Lifestyle Coach

It may not feel like it, but an end to lockdown will come, so be prepared. The pandemic has knocked a lot of us sideways and affected us in so many different ways. It has up ended our “normal” day to day routine and may have knocked your confidence for six. And if it has, read on, because I can help.

Take some time to visualise yourself pre-lockdown. The self-assured person who was able to walk into every business meeting with confidence, and who was totally at ease with entertaining friends or social gatherings. The person who would happily chat with anyone from the barista to the company CEO.

Whatever you may feel now, trust that you are still that person.

Now visualise a time when you felt your most confident and at ease with yourself. What environment where you in? What were you doing? Who were you with? Try to identify the factors that contributed to the feeling of empowerment and see if you can...

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