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Do you wear cap and glasses during sporting or leisure activities, such as playing golf, tennis, fishing or jogging? Inventor Dr Kin Kam of Inclusive Innovations Ltd is launching in August an innovative cap accessory called the iiClip which connects the cap and glasses in such a way, that the weight of the glasses is made to disappear whilst the frame of the glasses is reassuringly stabilised. The effect is a magical feeling of weightless spectacles which does not distract the wearer due to the glasses slipping or moving whilst engaging in active sports or leisure activities.

The iiClip is a follow up innovation from a previous product, the iiCap which is a specially designed cap providing the same function, whereas the iiClip is an accessory that can be fitted to most standard caps as many cap owners are loyal to their current branded headwear, but yearn for the new functionality of the iiCap.

Beside the popular applications above, Dr Kam is also...

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