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Beautiful unique indigo textiles you can use or wear everyday.

Lisa Reddings from Indigowares is an experienced textile designer for fashion and surface pattern industries. Her stunning new product line The Amparo Blue collection is handcrafted through a labour of love, drawing on the Japanese shibori techniques.

Tote bags / Silk scarves / Purses / Vanity bags and Bracelets.
All have been beautifully hand-dyed in indigo. Some have intricate shibori patterns, some just draw on the rich hues that natural indigo dying creates.

London, England. 12th October 2017

Textile designer Lisa Reddings from Indigowares is releasing the brand new Amparo Blue Collection, and each product will be individually made by the designer herself.

The Amparo Blue Collection will be released on 12th October 2017.

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