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There is a lot of misinformation and hype regarding cellulite and a whole lot of ineffective techniques to treat it, so it’s no wonder that most women are suspicious or at the least sceptical. However, Georgios Tzenichristos, a Kensington-based therapist with 17 years experience offers exactly what is missing: honest, accurate and realistic advice based on science instead of the usual “old wives’ tales” about toxins and lymphatic drainage. And of course a treatment that actually works on all three aspects of cellulite:
• Blood vessel weakness
• Connective tissue and skin looseness
• Superficial fat accumulation.

“Because cellulite is a syndrome” explains Georgios, “meaning that it has multiple causes and multiple symptoms, only an integrated treatment that repairs the system can deliver results, especially long- lasting ones”.

LipoTherapeia is such an integrated treatment and it utilises three approaches in the fight against...

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