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Phil Tufnell enjoying his Wing Walker

Phil Tufnell and premium spirits distiller, Innovatus Drinks are thrilled to announce the launch of their golden spiced rum, Wing Walker. Combining the spirit of adventure of this new brand, with Phil’s own zest for life, this partnership is the most exciting news the rum industry has had for many years.

Having spent many months in the West Indies during his cricketing career, Phil is no newcomer to the world of Caribbean rum. Whilst having enjoyed the traditional blends, Phil was keen to launch his own rum with a modern twist and discovered the perfect match with Wing Walker Rum.

An ‘experienced’ Wing Walker himself having taken to the skies for a Question of Sport challenge whilst strapped to a plane, Phil will be actively promoting Wing Walker Rum with his inimitable style of energy, fun and sense of humour. Whilst it’s difficult to predict the events we will be able to attend in 2021 at this point, expect to see Phil out and about with Wing...

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