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Selma Becker, MD, Help in Hearing

After decades of playing drums for 10cc and other major artists, legendary rock drummer Paul Burgess noticed problems with his hearing and turned to Buckinghamshire hearing specialists, Help in Hearing and Phonak hearing aid solutions to restore his stage performances.

“Selma at Help in Hearing went above and beyond the call of duty. It's the personal touch that you just wouldn't find on the high street”, said Paul of his experience with Help in Hearing.

Paul had an initial consultation with Help in Hearing and Selma Becker, MD, saw how important it was for Paul to recover his hearing for an upcoming tour. It was so important to Paul’s quality of life and performance within the band that Selma visited Paul backstage at a sound check for his new tour to fit the devices.

“On tour it’s been amazing being able to clearly hear what people are saying and not being left out of conversations. My band mates are ecstatic! It’s everything they...

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