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• Need to seize a once-in-a-century opportunity to redefine and reward key work
• Uncertainty, inequality and anxiety must be heard and understood while there is still an opportunity for a ‘people’s recovery’
• Planning is now an urgent priority
• Previously ‘unheard’ voices of working people must be amplified now or risk of ‘baked in inequalities’ will multiply
• The jobs and skills that have kept the country going must be rewarded with more than applause, says Director of the Institute for the Future of Work
• The commission meets 28 May in video session

The Future of Work Commission is to reconvene in emergency session to investigate how society can seize the once in a century opportunity to change work and the lives of working people for good.

Commissioners include the Nobel prize winning economist, Sir Chris Pissarides, the epidemiologist Sir Michael Marmot, the engineer and technologist Naomi Climer,...

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