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CHICAGO AND LONDON, August 10, 2021—Revered writing style guide The Chicago Manual of Style has entered the proofreading software market. Launched in a new partnership with PerfectIt, a market-leading brand of proofreading software, The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt makes style and accuracy checks faster and easier.

Combining the Manual with PerfectIt’s style checker will help writers and editors of everything from bids to books to align their copy with best practice. The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt is a free benefit for subscribers to CMOS Online and PerfectIt. Customers with subscriptions to both products can update to the latest version of PerfectIt to install the new features.

The new software teaches the principles of the Manual as it scans documents, suggesting writing and editing improvements. It is aimed at everyone who uses the Manual as a basis for their corporate or house style, from editors to Fortune 500 companies.

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