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Intranet Connections Software

FathomSEO, a worldwide leader in online search engine marketing, will be showcasing their intranet to thousands of subscribers on IBF Live July 5th. IBF Live is the unique, interactive online live broadcast by the Intranet Benchmark Forum, showcasing the latest happenings in intranets and the digital workplace.

FathomSEO’s intranet, designed with the popular social intranet software Intranet Connections, was chosen for the IBF Live tour because of their innovative approach to using their intranet for company culture. Their concepts include an area of the site for "Rockefeller Habits” which lists quarterly priorities for the company. Their intranet has an “on boarding” section for new hires to learn more about core values and collaborate with seasoned employees. The site theme is changed quarterly to reflect company objectives.

Kurt Kjerny, Director of SEM Practices and the architect behind FathomSEO’s creative intranet, will give the IBF Live tour....

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