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The health of the UK retail sector improved for the fourth quarter in a row, a trend expected to continue through to the end of the year.

• The overall health of the UK retail market improved by one index point for the fourth consecutive quarter – the first time this has happened since 2010. This is all despite the continued problems in the food retail sector.
• Consumer confidence has continued to rise and helping to fuel demand in Quarter 3, however this is expected to plateau in the coming months.
• The RTT agreed that Black Friday would again be a key date for non-food retailers, however better margins were expected this year given the time they will have had to prepare and work with suppliers.
• The living wage will impact heavily on costs in Quarter 4, enough to detract away from the potential positives of Black Friday, however, the full brunt will not be felt until 2016.

Following its quarterly meeting on October 6th 2015,...

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