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• The UK population spends a staggering £65 billion per year on takeaway convenience purchases in single-use plastic packaging
• One in 10 Brits admit they are not bothered about the environmental damage of single-use plastic products
• Instead of saving the environment, 87% said saving money would in fact be a key factor in reducing their single-use plastic purchases
• Habitual users* spend £5080.20 on single-use plastic on-the-go products a year, and if they were to switch to reusable products such as a refillable water bottle or coffee cup, they could make a massive saving of £2397.80

New research from BRITA UK, which has looked at the monetary spending on single-use plastic products, has found that Brits’ takeaway habits costs the UK population £65 billion a year. Habitual users* spend £5080.20 on single-use plastic on-the-go food and drink products every year - if they switched to reusable alternatives, they could save up to £2397.80...

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