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Jelly-Go has launched in the UK and is now available via our website and on Amazon.

Even with over a 100 years of jelly (gelatine) dessert consumption and 2+ billion servings annually in both the UK and the US, there has been zero significant innovation in the actual consumer experience. Which is surprising - jelly is wobbly, hard to handle with a spoon and not the easiest for even an adult to eat without spilling. Jelly-Go changes all of this. Watch the 40 second video to quickly see how and why. In a nutshell:

Jelly-Go is spill-resistant. This offers a compelling utility for mothers of younger children, and even for older people finding it increasingly difficult to use ordinary utensils.

Jelly-Go empowers young children. They love the complete control they have over each bite-size. Now they can eat at their own pace without annoying their mom who is hovering...

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