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Father's Day book, featuring trim beard!

Make shaggy, unkempt hair a distant memory with this fabulous photo-personalised Father’s Day book from Itsyourstory. Not only does the book celebrate the fun-loving relationship between father and child as they visit their local zoo together, but it can offer a virtual trim for Dads with wild locks and beards!

Dad features in all the illustrations and the child’s name and information about them such as their favourite food, their address and the names of friends is incorporated into the storyline. A real-life trip to the Zoo might not be possible at the moment but this magical book brings the experience into the home, asking questions on every page such as “can you waddle like a penguin?”; “how many teeth has the crocodile got?”; “what colours can you see on the umbrella?”.

This unique gift is not only a wonderful gift and keepsake but also encourages a love of reading. There are three versions available (showing Dad at the zoo with one, two or three...

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