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The hot theory currently shaking up boardrooms and HR departments is the concept of 'engagement', where the people who make up a company, the employees, and their concerns and involvement, are the priority of management, even ahead of customers.

From Quality Circles, through to Chaos theory, management know-how keeps coming, from as far back as 5th century BC China ( with Sun Tzu's Art of War ) through to current gurus like Piketty. It was a former boss of Campbells, the U.S. food giant, Doug Concut, who turned the emphasis away from the bottom line or the customer, when he said “ to win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace”.

Maybe certain health ministers, owners of sportswear retailers, and managers at internet shopping giants should familiarise themselves with his ideas ?

Leading this drive from the U.K. is Read full release

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