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Johannesburg, South Africa, and London UK 22nd of Oct 2019 JMR Software Pty Ltd (JMR Software) is pleased to announce a new project to deliver data migration services in partnership with Charles Taylor Charles Taylor InsureTech Charles Taylor InsureTech for DELA cooperative, a funeral services and life insurer based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The initial phase of the programme is to move insurance policy data from existing DELA systems to the new INSIS core policy administration system.

“It is great to have been involved early in conversations, enabling us to get a solid understanding of both the current state and what is required, and to carry out valuable consulting. Early engagement in complex data migrations means that we can agree the right strategy to significantly mitigate any project risks. Our team has worked side-by-side with Charles Taylor InsureTech and DELA to look at various options and select the best possible approach,” says, Susan...

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