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Physicool, a cooling compression bandage which featured on BBC’s Dragons Den, could save the NHS over £20m a year in England and Wales according to a new report [1].

Orthopaedic surgeons at Dorset County hospital (DCH) recently carried out a trial of 80 patients undergoing knee replacement surgery. After the operation 40 patients used Physicool and 40 used the traditional Cryocuff (a bulky, preformed knee cuff which needs to be attached to a coolant unit). The results for Physicool were significantly better than for Cryocuff [2]. The patients using Physicool had a 50% reduction in pain and a 50% increase in mobility compared to those using Cryocuff.

There were also considerable cost savings as Physicool reusable cooling bandages cost up to 63% less than Cryocuff. New research carried out by Medilink [1] shows that by making a simple switch from Cryocuff to Physicool, a saving of nearly £20m would be made in one year by the NHS, without taking into...

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