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Specialist petite label Jeetly enables its customers to play an active role in design and selection of clothes that are brought to market.

As well as voting particular pieces ‘in’ or ‘out’, women can also make suggestions about important factors such as colour, sleeve length, neck line and hem line so that only the designs they want to wear are actually manufactured and sold.

The exclusively petite brand of corporate wear was conceived by 5ft 1ins Jess Jeetly, who was fed up with the limited style and choice available for shorter women - even if she did find something she liked, it almost always had to be altered.

So the Jeetly brand was born, focusing particularly on chic, well-fitting and flattering work wear and above all, giving petite women more control over their wardrobes.
Jess said: “We’re handing the design choice and power back to the people that matter –...

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