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Mum, gran and daughter baking a cake

With either Josh, Dan, or Matty taking the crown in this year's The Great British Bake Off all-male final (Tuesday 28th November, 8pm, Channel 4), a family bake-off poll by Camp Coffee has taken place to definitively answer the much-debated question of who claims the star baker apron in the family. And the winner is… our cherished mums with nearly a quarter of the votes (24%).

The poll which highlights the nation's love for baking, popularised by shows like The Great British Bake Off, also reveals a growing confidence in the family kitchen with 20% of respondents claiming 'Myself' as the best baker (with Grans proudly standing as the largest group - 52% - who voted for their own baking talents). This reaffirms the enduring passion and talent for baking amongst our beloved matriarchs. Next most popular in the family voting was 'My Partner' with 16%. 'My Gran' secured 6%, 'My Dad' at 3%, and...

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