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The rising importance of the vagina in the 21st Century in a tell-all seminar on the Pelvic Floor, Saturday 19th March, NW1 by Jenni Russell.

London UK - 8th March 2011 - You can wax it, dye it, pierce it, and decorate it with crystals. You can make it smell great, look great and taste great. Heck, you can even go so far as to surgically enhance it. Yes ladies, the 21st century vagina is making waves in the beauty industry today. But it does not matter how pretty you make it. If you forget about exercising the pelvic floor, you lose out on the pleasure you can ultimately get out of it.

The growing market around vaginal enhancement has become a multi-million pound industry with more and more women choosing to opt for an unnecessary and sometimes dangerous cesarean birth in attempts to ‘preserve’ the condition of the vagina. Clearly, the 21st Century vagina is of paramount importance with more and more women taking excessive measures to optimize their...

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