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EMBARGOED until Saturday 30th January 2021 00:01

John Bell & Croyden pharmacy – which has remained open through two world wars and the Spanish Flu – has today opened its doors to its first patients as part of the NHS’ vaccination programme rollout.

The pharmacy, which opened in 1798 and has been the pharmacist to Her Majesty the Queen since 1958, will vaccinate 800 people a week. This figure will rise to 1200 from the 4th February 2021 – 1 patient every 7 minutes.

The flagship store in London’s Harley Street Medical Area is the first McKesson UK community pharmacy to participate in the vaccine rollout.

Toby Anderson, CEO of McKesson UK, said:

“McKesson UK is proud to be playing its part in the national vaccination effort.

“John Bell & Croyden has played a historic role in the development of healthcare across the UK and this will be the second global pandemic it has lived through. Today...

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