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Yorkshire's National Newspaper reinstates ‘The’ to famous news brand

Johnston Press has announced that Yorkshire Post, one of its flagship daily titles, will be called The Yorkshire Post from today (Monday 10th March 2014).
The Yorkshire Post, based in Leeds, dropped 'The' from its masthead in 1968 but has reintroduced it as part of an exciting refresh of the 260-year-old title.

Explaining the changes, The Yorkshire Post Editor - Jeremy Clifford - said: "We are THE newspaper campaigning for Yorkshire. We set the agenda, identify the issues that concern the people of this region and ensure Yorkshire's voice is heard.

"Our news coverage is changing. It will continue to reflect what our existing readers want, but it will seek out new, fresh and entertaining news from across the region. Our new readers will like the subtle change in tone, making it a newspaper with a broader appeal while...

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