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Celebrated award winning Danish designers Harrit and Sørensen have again teamed up with wood burning stove manufacturer Scan and delivered a playful cutting edge design with innovative features - the new Scan 66 concept.

This organic shape creates a beautiful frame around the fire where a clear glass log retainer ensures maximum views of the flames. There are several other glass innovations also featured: the handle and air vents are in tempered glass providing discrete and unique details. Four options are offered – each benefitting from the exceptional award winning clean burn Scan heat combustion system:
Scan 66-1 wall hung Scan 66-2 pedestal base
Scan 66-3 Prism base with two silicon inlays black and white which can easily be changed to match décor. Scan 66-4 Plinth base

Size: 940H x 482W x 337D (Scan 66-1) Efficiency: 78% Heat Output: Nominal 5kW
All are approved for burning wood...

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