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It has been reported that 90% of us fail our New Year’s resolutions by the time we reach the end of January. Quitting smoking is the most popular resolution, but is also the hardest to stick to. Celebrity health coach and best-selling author Jason Vale suggests there is a very simple way to escape the nicotine trap.

A new independent study by scientists in the US has revealed that Nicotine Replacement Therapies (or NRT’s), specifically patches and gums, are not effective in helping smokers to quit long-term. The vast majority of people who have tried NRT’s combine them with high levels of willpower to try and beat their cravings, making patches and gums placebos at best.

Many people are now turning to other forms of therapy to help them stop smoking. Reports this week suggest that after increasing health concerns, celebrities like X-factor boss Simon Cowell are undergoing addiction treatment to quit the cigarettes.

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