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Picking up the pieces

The pandemic continues to leave our health in tatters, with long lasting effects experienced by millions of Brits, such as fatigue, poor mental health, disrupted sleep, stress, shortness of breath and excess weight gain, according to a new report and poll commissioned by Alive! – the brains behind the evidence backed range of supplements for all life stages and Schwabe Pharma, makers of clinically proven herbal medicines and supplements.

Long Covid affecting half of those testing positive
The representative survey of British adults found that that almost of half of people (48%) who contracted Covid-19 during the past year are still suffering symptoms, with the most common complaints being:
● Lack of energy/drive (15%)
● Shortness of breath (14%)
● Extreme tiredness (13%)
● Lack of stamina (11%)
● Chest pain or tightness (11%)
● Gut health/digestive issues (10%).

In addition, a quarter of those polled...

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