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A new study has revealed how the UK’s dogs spent lockdown – and it’s very sweet, except more dogs than ever will now be hiding from their owners - and some dogs will now even be tidying up behind themselves!

● 8 in 10 dog owners said that their pet was extremely important to their mental wellbeing during the lockdown

● 77 per cent of dogs were very happy during the lockdown, with 8 per cent admitting they believed their dog was ‘not his usual self’ as a result of being indoors for longer periods and the whole family being at home

● Former professional dog trainer Ryan O’Meara explains more about the mental state of a dog when confronted with new situations

● Half (50 per cent) of dog owners made sure their dog had extra play sessions, 44 per cent took more walks and almost a third (29 per cent) chose to keep their dogs stimulated and occupied at home by teaching them new tricks

● Dog trainer Cat Donald had to...

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