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Bezos salary comparison calculator

Following the decision by Amazon workers in the UK and across Europe to take industrial action on Black Friday, the busiest retail day of the year, you have to wonder if Jeff Bezos is starting to regret his approach to working conditions across the Amazon warehouse network.

Complaints by staff about working conditions is nothing new, yet Bezos, who’s net worth is estimated today at $125.8 billion, would appear to be ignoring their concerns.

In a worrying parallel to the workhouses and factories of the 19th Century, it seems that Bezos is content to ignore his employees concerns and focus on maximising his own profits.

The stark divide between Bezos and his workers is clear when comparisons are made. Based on Bezos’s earnings from October 2017 to September 2018 we have calculated that the average worker in the UK (on an average salary of £28,600) would take 1.6 million years to earn the same amount that Bezos has earned within one year....

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