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B Corporation for Easydry eco-towels

B Corporation announced Easydry as the first brand globally in its category to receive B-Corp certification. Easydry, the entrepreneurial disposable eco-towel company, also achieved a top rank certification score within their native market, Ireland. Scoring 98.7 (significantly higher than the average 50.9 scored by applicants and the 80-qualification score), Easydry now has the second highest B Corp score in Ireland and is the only company in the world within their category.

Easydry eco-towels are available globally, including in the UK – serving leading brands in the professional hair salon business and the beauty industry – as well as supporting hotels and hospitality in their drive to improve their carbon footprint. Now their towels are also available for personal, and even pet use. As more industries and individuals are turning to these super-absorbent natural wood fibre towels which are entirely biodegradable and 100% compostable in 12 weeks, a movement - that...

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