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Working together to #KeepBritainGoing

Keep Britain Going

Companies unite to support each other, SMEs and individuals during the Covid-19 crisis, by creating a new community hub website which compiles what businesses are doing to help everyone through this difficult pandemic.

London, United Kingdom 7 April 2020

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of colleagues realised there was an overwhelming amount of information available, however, there wasn’t a central place in which to find it, making the task of accessing the necessary information both time consuming and difficult.

News of companies of every size having to close both temporarily and permanently across many sectors has been unsettling and so the team at Expend decided to pull all the resources they could find together into one place to try and help.

With that, the resource hub “Keep Britain Going” was born with the aim of giving businesses a cohesive platform whereby they can let others know how they are navigating this difficult time, as well as what they can do to help others, whether through expert webinars or highlighting the offers on their services which can help keep others afloat.

The intent behind the campaign is to get as many British businesses engaged in sharing expertise and offering what they can to both their peers and to the public. UK businesses need support, not only to keep their businesses going but also to support their employees, as many try to navigate the ‘new normal’ for both work and home life, which has merged into one for a large proportion of the UK’s working population.

In the Keep Britain Going hub, companies from the financial and technology industries have said what they’re doing and there are also links to the latest advice from the government.

A growing list of business supporters: Alongside Expend, Keep Britain Going has so far partnered with Float, Chaser, iwoca, esme, Judo, Pento, Safe & the City, T/F/D, Opcovid, Osper, LDN Life and Bespoke HR. With an open invitation for other businesses to submit how they are also helping to Keep Britain Going.

Just as importantly, useful links and resources for adapting to the new home and work balance have been included; from health and fitness to children and homeschooling. To keep spirits high, good news stories will also be shared regularly.

Keeping Britain Going cannot be done alone, so if you’re part of a business or organisation that is doing amazing things, we need to know! If you are supporting businesses in any way or if you have read an article on health, wellness, mental health or any other relevant topic that Keep Britain Going has yet to cover, please share those with us too! We're also asking everyone to share their positivity via social media using the hashtag #KeepBritainGoing

Together, we can help Keep Britain Going.

Call or email Adam Clarke for more information or for interview opportunities with Expend or any of the Keep Britain Going supporters. 07976069932,