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Kenya Tea UK has launched a collection of premium teas, locally and ethically sourced from Kenya, to create an unrivalled brew for the British market.

In a market worth £450 million (Statista report, 2015) Kenya Tea UK is already differentiating itself. It is one of the few importers to provide a high-quality product, not blended or weakened with other variants, to deliver a distinctive rich aroma.

Kenyan tea is special owing to a number of unique factors that come together to create the perfect environment. This includes the right weather, soil, altitude, leaf-plucking methods and manufacturing process.

Peter Kamau, managing director of Kenya Tea UK, said: "As some of the biggest tea-drinkers in the world, Brits have a distinct knowledge and appreciation for fine artisan products. As an independent curator and supplier of Kenyan teas, we are able to oversee every...

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