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4 Months Post Baby after Kettlebells

Kettlebell Training During Pregnancy
By Lauren Brooks Miller

"Being in ultimate shape during your pregnancy will significantly lessen the chance of needing an invasive surgery".

"Do not let your heart rate get past 140bpm!" "Don't lift anything heavier than 10kg!" This is exactly the out of date misinformation that doctors or nurses have advised pregnant women in the past. These are the type of misconceptions which can quickly instil fear and uncertainty when it comes to exercising during pregnancy. Then the pregnant mum ends up doing almost nothing, gaining 40kg, getting depressed and creating complications down the line. There are numerous studies all over the world proving the undeniable benefits that sticking to a training regime, designed for your fitness level, not only has remarkable benefits for yourself, but for your baby.

To make a blanket statement and tell every pregnant woman to have the same guidelines is basically...

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