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Christmas Gift Guilt

• Pressure of festive giving leaves a quarter of the UK in Financial Trouble.
• 22% of Brits feel pressured to buy more expensive gifts than they feel comfortable spending.
• The Research also uncovered hidden Christmas shopping trends between those of a different age, gender and relationship status.

Christmas is a time of giving, with the UK spending 821 million pounds on Christmas gifts, it is clear that us Brits are extremely generous. However, worryingly one in four Brits feel pressured to spend a lot more than they can afford, sliding them into debt that can last months after the festive season is over. A truly unwanted Christmas gift.

The research conducted by Peachy, surveyed 2002 people’s Christmas shopping habits and attitudes towards money; lifting the lid on the subtle differences between those of a different gender, age and relationship status. Financial woes are expected to affect a quarter (25%) of Britons due to a costly...

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