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Spider Drawing

• Estimated 12 million arachnophobes in the UK
• Drawing ‘silly’ pictures of spiders can cure arachnophobia
• October marks the end of mating season, resulting in a surge of spider numbers

Harley Street Hypnotherapist and Phobia Guru Adam Cox has been curing people’s arachnophobia up and down the nation using a pioneering new technique. Drawing partly from art therapy, Adam helps patients form new associations with creepy crawlies by asking them to draw silly or unusual features onto a picture of a spider. These can range from oversized smiles to clown noses to whatever the person deems to be particularly unthreatening.

The idea behind this is that by drawing these silly and ridiculous features onto an image of the spider, the spider appears less threatening and removes the past association of fear. The exercise begins with patients...

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