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Choose a cheesy alternative to the Easter Egg this Easter

Bored of giving the same old chocolate eggs, why not opt for something different this Easter? With 99% of households buying cheese and 700 cheeses made on British soil, it’s safe to say we’re a nation of cheese lovers, so why not combine two old favourites: chocolate and cheese.

Cheese and chocolate may not be the most obvious combination, but with both made from milk, they are surprisingly tasty together. Following in the footsteps of strawberries and cream, salt and pepper, and fish and chips, could chocolate and cheese become the next culinary combination we can’t live without (provided it’s British, of course!)?

The British Cheese Board has compiled a list of the top six chocolaty cheese treats to titillate your taste buds this Easter.

1. For the cheese lover’s perfect Easter present, Yorkshire creamery, Wensleydale, has created Wensleydale with Belgian...

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