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Street Wisdom WalkShop - David Pearl

Where: On Zoom. Register online at led by volunteer facilitators across the world.

When: September 25th 9am -27th 5pm. A new online Walkshop starts every two hours (sessions last 90mins)

Why?: To help people free up their creativity, answer their life questions and remember that we’ve got each other’s backs in uncertain times.

Step 1: Your facilitator will guide you through some warm-up exercises to tune-up your senses
Step 2: Think of a question (in life or work) and find some fresh answers from the streets/your home.
Step 3: Reflect on the experience in an online sharing session.
The World Wide Wander is an annual gathering to celebrate Street Wisdom,, an international social venture that brings experiential learning to city streets across the globe through guided, (in-person and online) WalkShops and digital resources. Helping people find inspiration in the everyday....

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