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Helen Mollart, Sales Director, Kodit Ltd

Crime prevention and risk management specialists, SmartWater Technology Ltd, have signed a lucrative, multi-million pound deal with Network Rail to protect the infrastructure of its London to North West (LNW) mainline.

Network Rail will deploy the full range of SmartWater’s Royal-awarding winning risk and crime suppression strategy to protect trackside cable and other materials from theft and vandalism. The theft of metal has cost Network Rail over £35million in repair bills and fines since the 2006/07 financial year and has been responsible for 1,165,000 minutes of commuter delays.

SmartWater will now provide Network Rail with a multi-faceted approach to crime prevention, interweaving risk management, intelligence gathering, strategic deployment, forensic technology and an ongoing consultancy service.

The campaign will also mark the first time that SmartWater’s new...

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